Monday, June 29, 2015

Bio #22 - The Undertaker

Mr. Knott was one of the undertakers in town. He was a good friend to Dad and Mom. He gave Dad part-time work when Dad was short of cash. The only time it bothered him was when he had to help lift a man's body onto the table. The man had been killed by a train, and as Dad took his feet to lift the corpse, his fingers disappeared into a cut in the foot. I guess he went home sick that day. Mom sometimes got a lift home from town in Mr. Knott's hearse (they lived west of us,) but he always let her out past our house, so it wouldn't look like we had had a death in the family. They had a beautiful water fountain in their front garden.
Photo of hearse in 1930 by Harold Lacadie, Archivist
As humans, we fear and abhor death and all its accountrements; therefore, undertakers, or funeral directors as they are now euphemistically known, inspire awe in us because of their comfort with death. 

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