Thursday, June 4, 2015

Bio #7 - What We Wore (1916-early 1920s)

In summer when we were kids, we had weekday or school clothes, and Sunday clothes. Mom was a wonderful sewer and she spent a lot of time at it. The only things she bought Mary and me were vests (undershirts,) socks and shoes. She made our hats too, and most of our brothers' clothes. School dresses were nearly all gingham or tartan, sometimes we wore a pinafore over the last two days of the school week (probably to hide the spills earlier in the week.) Our shoes were boots or oxfords or running shoes. I remember one pair of boots I had, black button (I still have the little black ebony button hook to do them up) with grey suede toes, heel and a band of grey around the top. These sure were special to me, and I liked Sundays when I could wear them with a grey coat I had, a white Sunday dress under it, and long white stockings. I thought I was the "cat's whiskers." My sister and I at this young age were dressed alike. I guess it was easier for Mom that way too.

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The boys had little suits, stiff collars (sometimes) or soft, and bow ties. I can remember how proud I was to take Charlie to a special "do" at the school. He looked so handsome to me. The teacher I remember asked me if my Mother sewed.

Eddie was nearly always dressed with something red on. He was so tiny and the grass on the many vacant lots was long, and Mom could see him easier. He was cute and here are two things mad us laugh, and maybe you will enjoy them. He had a friend called "Danny McCartney" at the end of the next block. Danny's mother had bought them each an ice cream cone, and they were sitting back on their verandah eating:

Danny: Can your Dad ride a tryke?
Eddie:  S-u-u-r-e.
Danny: Can he ride it across the wires?
Eddie: S-u-u-r-e.
Danny: Gee whiz!

That little Danny got kicked on the head by their cow shortly after that, and was killed.

The other thing was another day, Eddie went up the street to visit a friend, "Mama Bates," (their whole family were our close friends,) and when he came home, Mom said to him, "Well, what did Mama Bates say to you today?" and Eddie said, "She say - she say, hello tinker!" He sure was a cute little guy, and many years later saved my life.

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