Friday, June 12, 2015

Bio #9 - Taffy Pulls

Lots of folks made their own candy and one of the fun ways was a Taffy Pull. Everyone in the family was included except Dad. He wanted no part of it, until it was ready to eat. I forget what it was made of, but at a certain stage we all greased our hands with butter (no such thing as margarine in those days,) and Mom gave us a handful of real hot goo. We had to ball it and then pull it. This we did several times, til it was a little cooler and we could pull it real good. Everyone was talking and yelling, trying not to drop it. It sure was fun, everybody reaching into the butter to make their hands slippery. You could pull and pull it as far as your hands would go apart, the more you pulled the lighter in color it was, you could twist it into shapes, and finally when it was cold, we laid our bit on the table and Mom cut it off into one inch pieces. Sometimes Ed's was sort of grey from dropping it and what not, but Mom didn't let on and cut it up too, but I don't think we ate his portion. We had different flavor and color each time. It was fun. I wonder if my brothers and sister remember these pulls?
The "hot ball of goo"

Pulling the taffy.
I did this with my own children a few times, and judging from the photos online, plenty of people still do. It's messy but plenty of fun, and the results are delicious.

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