Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Bio #27 - Haircuts and Silk Stockings


Until I was eight or nine, Mary and I had long hair and very thick. Anyway, we were allowed to get it cut. Mr. Cowan, the barber we went to, cut it and it cost us twenty-five cents each. We went to him for years, it seems, but he said mine was hard to cut, it was thick, and he would say, "Are you back again?" every time. His wife did the grown-up ladies' hair. They were nice people.

The first haircut would have been in 1921 or 22, the decade hair bobbing became a controversial craze.  Click here for an excellent article with plenty of photos and illustrations on hair bobbing. The Bobby pin was a result of hair bobbing- did you know?

Letty's hair thinned drastically in her adult years, and I remember it being thin when I was a little girl. She attributed it to pleurisy when she was a teen, but when my hair started thinning when I was in my forties, I realized it was just genetics.

Silk Stockings

When we were small, my sister and I wore fine tan ribbed stockings all week, but on Sunday we wore white. As we got older there was either fine lisle or pure silk. The latter were great for parties and dances, but one run and they were ruined. Then nylon ones were made (1938). They were sheer, transparent and shiny and were called glass nylons. I got a pair and guess how much they were, Five Dollars! My dad nearly had a pink fit, but it was my birthday, so he never said much. There was no such thing as pantyhose. These came much later and are one of the best inventions ever.

Lisle stockings. 
Silk Stockings advertisement
The New York Worlds Fair introduced Nylon Stockings to the women of the world.

It took Letty years to adopt panty-hose. She began wearing them just as younger women were ditching them in favour of no hosiery at all.  Of course, the first panty-hose were terrible; they slid down, bunched at your knees and ankles, and retained no shape, but getting rid of a girdle or garter belt was sufficient motivation for most women, including me, to try the new product.

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