Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Bio #30 - My Adolescence

Adolescence is a trying time for most people, and I was no exception. I believe that getting involved in sports and church were two of the best helpers I had. I waas in the choir at church, in "Young People's" and CGIT (Canadian Girls in Training - similar to Girl Guides but church affiliated.) We all skated, played baseball, put on plays and hiked miles. Anything going on at church was ok by me.

Our neighborhood was full of baseball hopefuls and we had hundreds of games on a vacant lot by our house. Seeing there were houses near, and sometimes a ball broke a window, it was just taken for granted that the whole bunch of us chipped in and got that particular window fixed.

Skating was the winter sport that pleased me most. Oh, I loved it! Charlie and Eddie played hockey, lacrosse and volleyball. Mary swam best of us four, there was a pool near home and come summer, we lived in it. We got my Dad in a time or two.

Letty skating. She was in her 20s in this photo.

The only photo I have of Letty as a teenager. She is the one on the wagon and she looks about 13.
And sports continues to be a favorite way for teens to keep busy and deal with their changing bodies and minds, although the casual pick-up games of Letty's day gave way long ago to organized sports with leagues, uniforms, and coaches. Which do you think is better?

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