Saturday, July 25, 2015

Bio #32 - Letty Meets Her Future Husband

The RAF (Royal Air Force) had an SFTS (Service Flying Training School, part of the Commonwealth Air Training Plan of World War II) station in Medicine Hat, one among many in Canada. There were several thousand posted in our town, and their base had the greatest number of flying hours recorded in Canada. Jessie Andrews, a close family friend, worked in the money order wicket at the post office, and most of the lads took out savings accounts at the post office. She asked some of these airmen from England to come in for a meal. Sometimes she asked Dad and me up for an evening too. The volunteers for dish washing were great, and I got to meet new people. In 1941 I met Ron for the first time, thought how nice and considerate her was, but very quiet.

Ron Evans skating, 1941
The next time we saw him was at Christmas, and as these lads were all nuts about learning to skate, Jessie suggested I take them to Grey's rink. After an hour of skating, falling, and sliding all over the ice, we went back to Jessie's for hot drinks and sandwiches. It was fun, but I felt sorry for some of them; they took some shocking spills. But really, after three winters, some got to be good at skating. I went several times with them but the one I liked the best was Ron, but he never said much. He seemed very lonely, and later, I realized why - no family. After the snow melted and spring came, Ron and I took lots of walks, went .22 shooting, shows, and just talked. I knew then I loved him.
Letty skating, 1941

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