Monday, July 27, 2015

Bio #34 -A Wrenching Departure

Letty describes the wait for passage to England to join her new husband, Ron.

As days rolled into months, I was beginning to wonder if I would get away before Christmas. My boxes and suitcases were ready, and I was quite surprised on October 5th 1943, to get a telegram saying I had to be ready to leave on October 9th. Four days notice, and if I didn't go then, I might have to wait for another year. Oh dear! What a flap I was in. First I had to find a housekeeper for my father, and I got a Mrs. Elliott, whom we knew. She was so nice, and I believe she stayed until my brother Ed came home from the war. I owed a lot to Mrs. Elliott.

The next day Pearl Maynard, who was my bridesmaid, took a stroke, while she and I were at Dorothy Crane's house. It was awful, and I stayed with her while Dorothy got a doctor. She had to go to the hospital, but died next morning at 9 a.m. She was only 29 years old, and had an enlarged liver, and other problems. She was such a nice person, and had had a tough life. Mr. Maynard, Dorothy and I went to pick her coffin. It was a sad day. I just couldn't go to her funeral, as I had so much to see to.

Walter Laws, Letty's father and my Grandfather. Sadly I never met him.

That night in bed, I wrote a long letter to my father, because I couldn't bear to say to him all I felt, it would have made it harder for both of us. He was a real friend, as well as a good father, and inside I knew I would never see him again, and I never did. He died of a heart attack 4 years later in 1947, while he lived with Ed and Margret.(Letty's brother and sister-in-law)

Letty wrote this farewell note to her father and pasted it in a photograph album containing his obituary:

"Walter Laws:

My father was a good dad and good friend to us children. He went out of his way to do for us, worked very hard, with a good attitude. That makes a big difference to a child. He wanted to be a doctor but with a Grade 4 education, it was out of the question. He was a dandy nurse and really took it to heart, if any of us were sick.

He was a keen carpenter and rebuilt our home. He and Mom got on well and he helped her raise us kids.

You were very special, Dad.

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