Monday, August 3, 2015

Bio #41 - Ron Comes Home; The Norton motorbike

One November day (1945) I got a cable to say Ron would arrive in Huddersfield, November 20th at 12:30 a.m. I was very glad and got the house nice and tidy, laid out dishes for tea and got myself ready to catch the last bus into town, from Stile Common to the station. As the buses stopped running after 10:30 pm, I had quite a long wait at the station. As you may have guessed, that train was an hour late. There were several people about so I wasn't scared. Finally it came and Ron got off, we were both so happy and kissed and hugged each other. We hadn't seen each other for over six months.

Then we took a taxi home, Ron insisting on carrying me over the threshold. You can imagine how surprised he was to see and be in our own little place. He made one remark I never forgot: "This is the first home I've had since my Mother died." (in 1921) I love him.

That Christmas was special. He had brought me gifts from Paris, and told me what they had been doing all that six months. I had been so lonesome I cried; now, because I was happy. I seems to me he had about three months' leave, then he went back to his old job, as an electrician in Honley.

All during the war, Ron's motorbike sat in Livingstone's garage, so now was a good time to check it over and see what kind of shape it was in. I was introduced to motorbiles in a big way as Ron, Bill, Don, David and George Livingstone, as well as half a dozen pals, all had bikes. Some of them had been dispatch riders during the war and their bikes were in use. So my Ron got his in shape as soon as he could, and I had my first ride. I was absolutely terrified, we only went 30 mph, and I hung on for dear life. Ron laughed at me, but before long we were going as fast as could be, and it was super. I loved riding pillion (back) seat. After that we were off most weekends and Ron showed me a lot of England, places I never would have seen otherwise. I really loved it, and England. It's a very lovely, beautiful country. There was only one drawback, and that was fog, and some days too much rain. I know that keeps England so green.
Letty on the Norton motorbike. She never rode it herself.

Ron, left, with friends Bill, Don, and David and one other.

After we had Linda, Ron put a side-car on the bike and this stayed on until the bike was sold and we returned to Canada. By this time Linda was four years old, and Bob was two. We had lots of fun with the bike and two kids. They were just as keen as we were to set off at weekends.

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