Monday, August 10, 2015

My View #74 - Fences

Today we return to Letty's "My View" series, her memories and thoughts on many of the small things in life. They are not organized in any perceivable pattern; for instance, today's skips back to around 1918 in Medicine Hat, while some are merely her opinion on whatever subject captured her attention that day. All the remaining "My Views" were written while Letty was in her nineties.

I like fences, they keep some things in and they keep some things out. My parents were keen on fences, maybe that accounts for my liking them. There are hundreds of kinds of fences, all over the world. The dictionary calls a fence "a protection defense, a barrier." There, you have learned something today. We never stop learning something every day. I know I do.

When we were children, the four of us had a lot of fun in our back yard, my father did a lot to keep us happy. A chicken house and run was at the far end. We had two gees, one turkey and twelve chickens. These we had to feed every day. Our big garden was next door in another lot, so in our back yard was a see-saw (teeter-totter), a swing, lots of grass to play on, and a clothes line. This was fenced in with a five foot high fence. The garden hose was a source of good fun, and Dad made round holes here and there (in the fence) so we could look out, we made lots of noise too.

At least Mom knew where we were most of the time. We loved to swing high so we could see over that fence. Our front yard was never fenced, all grass, trees and flowers. We loved our back yard, neighbors' kids did too and came to play on our swing and see-saw.

I guess fences can be important or people would not build them. This is it for today.

July 31, 2007
just before her 94th birthday

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