Thursday, August 13, 2015

My View #79 - Beauty Aids - another look at days long ago, 1925-27

When Mary and I, and hundreds of others, were young girls, we loved to read women's magazines, "Good Housekeeping," "Red Book," "Women's Home Companion," "Ladies' Home Journal," and "Chatelaine," and look for coupons in the last pages. Big cosmetic companies put in ads like this: "For 25c to cover postage, we will send you a sample of perfume/lip rouge,/cold cream/ eyebrow pencil/ skin lotion/ toothpaste/ shampoo." What young girl could resist that call, and those companies always sent the stuff. Richard Hudnut, Coty, Three Flowers, Ponds, Houbigant, Lolynos and Lux were some of the names I remember.

We just liked to collect them, never used them. It was fun to compare what you got with friends. When I think about it now, it was an advertising gimmick. We were too young at that time, 12-14 years old, to use makeup. How times have changed. No more samples, I think those companies made quite a good job of adverts, when only a few people even had a telephone. So much for a bit more history. Beauty is more in the heart and eye of the beholder. All babies and little children are born to beautiful. It is the life we live and the weather we endure that helps to change our beauty, sad to say, but true. That is why we need "beauty aids." A smile costs us nothing and is very healing. XXX Go ahead, love and smile. You are all very beautiful to me, my family.

Love, hugs and kisses,
Mom August 18, 2007

The only makeup I ever recall my mother using was lipstick. Oh, I tried hard when I was in my twenties, showing her how to use blush, foundation, eye shadow to take off a few years, but she was not interested; in fact, she sharply criticized me when I began shaving my legs at around 15.
Of course, anyone who picks up a current woman's magazine, realizes they have plenty of free samples, typically perfume, but I've seen moisturizer too. 

Do you really think she and her friends did not use any of those samples? Knowing what its like to be a teenaged girl, I suspect they used them all, but hid it from their mothers, since make-up in those days was looked down on as morally suspect. Now, it's simply good grooming.

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