Monday, August 31, 2015

My View #83 - Skill

What is "skill," that incredible, top drawer quality we all so admire? Skill, is it in our genes, or is it achieved by love and hard work? All this special week, when I had time, I watched the tennis matches (US Open) and although I haven't a clue about the rules, I see the skills all the players have to try to be the best and winner of the game. Skill is so elusive. A scowl or a secret smile tells me more than a written rule, in a book of rules, ever would.

Two sports I knew the rules of were hockey and baseball, all the old rules, for rules are always changing. Of course this is only one aspect of life, hundreds more exist. Every labour of life has a skill encountered, and most people are trying to meet that skill unaided.

I truly think my only real "skill" in my life was being patient and not fight life, be patient and deal with whatever comes along. You think and act in one second, if something needs to be done, regardless of potential hazard to yourself, even that is a skill some have, while others stop to think what to do, the job is done and maybe a life saved. To act so fast in that situation is a "born in you" skill. Every occupation and job has a skill.

I've looked at life for many years, and drawn my own conclusions, put some of them on paper and hope someone will read them.  I love my family, you are all so different, so wonderful and gracious and whole.

Mom xxx
1 day after I used up 94 years
(3 cheers for me!)

Letty had excellent sewing skills and was a decent home good, a good gardener, and good with young children.  It's too bad she had no opportunity for more formal education because then she would have realized that many, many skills can be learned. 

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