Friday, September 18, 2015

My View #101 - Christmas 2007

It's been a lovely Christmas for me this year, a bit hectic for me, but I enjoyed it all. Michelle came on December 22nd at 2 pm and stayed the night. She brought me a beautiful calendar and I love it. We had a real good gabby visit, what a lovely girl she is. On the 23rd I got a bit of shopping done, and on Dec 24th lots of drop-in company; Eva and Frank (Wynne,) Colleen and Phil, and Carol Mills, so it was quite a day. I slept away the whole afternoon. The next day, I put dishes of nuts, fruit and candy out for nibblers. Annie and Art came about noon on Dec 25th, later than planned, after an incident at the Save-On-Food store, a "cops and robbers" affair at the store, where they went to buy salad "fixings." So no salad with our dinner that day. We all enjoyed a cup of tea, while we listened to the story. As they were late, I got three veggies ready. We survived and had a lovely dinner. Excellent. Annie and Art brought their two dogs with them, Old English Sheepdogs, Setta and Winslow. My hat, they are so good natured and friendly, those well behaved, big, hairy, happy, bouncy, lovable dogs. When Bob got here he was so impressed with them too. They love car travelling.

Art with Setta and Winslow

Setta giving Letty plenty of wet kisses.
After all had dinner, dishes all done, we all talked to family and friends on phones. Bob left, Art and Annie and I went to our beds, tired and happy. The next morning, after a leisurely breakfast, Art and Annie left at 11:45 for the ferry. At 8:45 pm she phoned to say they were home.

Tired but happy.
Love from Mom

Today's weather will not be so nice, a cold and windy day for me to get my B12 (vitamin) short. Brrr!

Have a good 2008 everybody.

The "cops and robbers" affair Mom mentions was more cops than robbers. We went to the grocery store, as she says, and walked in the door, but noticed that lights were not on, produce was covered, and there seemed to be no staff around. We were not the only people; others began arriving, looking for last minute food for Christmas dinner. I went into the back of the store, and upstairs into the office area, but no-one was there. We debated leaving cash for what we wanted, but realized that wouldn't work either- no place to leave the cash and no way to be sure what the exact amount owed was. I found the phone number of a regional manager, and called him, leaving a message to say one of his was unlocked and people were wandering in. We then phoned the police, and decided that all the people who had wandered in needed to stay until the police released us. Then, a detective in plain clothes entered the store, showing his badge, and asking what was going on. He was unaware of the call into the police department, and once we explained what had happened, he waited for the uniforms to arrive. By then, several of the people were upset that they needed to get home to make their dinner, so the group said they should talk to the police first. No crimes had been committed, but it was a lucky thing; anyone could have cleaned out the store. A photo of Art and I leaving the store, our faces blurred, was in the local newspaper the next day. Later that afternoon, I received a phone call from the manager, who had been busy with his own Christmas, thanking me profusely for doing the right thing. By then he had taken care of the problem but he was lucky some good citizens were around. I wonder if the store manager retained his job?

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