Sunday, September 20, 2015

My View #102 - Boxing Day

Today, people see Boxing Day as a grand sale day and party day. Well, they are wrong. Originally it was the day set aside to share food and a little money with the people who lived outside the castle walls. The Lords and very rich ones who lived in castles, ordered all left-overs from the December 25th feast be put in neat boxes and have these taken to all the houses which were in the shadows of the castle walls. That is why December 26th was called "Boxing Day." It makes perfect sense to me, to share good fortune in this way.

So "Boxing Day" is really a "help your neighbour day."

No "boxing ring," 3 minute rounds, or any such sport is connected with Boxing Day. How times have changed.

Letty Evans
December 29, 2007

According to Wikipedia, the origin of the term "Boxing Day" only goes back to the 1830s, but provides some additional theories and information. The basic idea, though, of giving food or gifts to servants and/or the poor, appears to be accurate.

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