Tuesday, September 29, 2015

My View #107- On Being a Great-Grandmother: "Tree Building"

Life takes us down many streets and byways, over many hurdles and swamps. I know, I've been there. I've had so many marvelous moments in life, I want to share with you, don't get bored with the first paragraph!

My grandparents and parents were all British folk, also my husband, as well as my sister's husband. Everyone clings to their old generations' heritage, thinking it the best, perfectly natural, until one breaks a thread in the skein and it is broken by a new marriage. A new branch of the family tree is born and grow. New culture, new language, methods, and family arrive and are welcome and the old learn a lot from the new branch. Some things you don't like, they are strange to you, but you accept things because of love, mix in, and enjoy the life all your new family brings. This always happens, it is called "tree building." We four all married, had families, and the tree grew, bigger after each wedding. That is life.

So far the four branches include Egyptian, American, Canadian, British, German, Jewish, Spanish/Ecuador, and 2-? no commitments yet, but always hopeful. So very interesting, each person and offspring adds a remarkable change to our family tree. I love every one of them, and hope they love me. No-one knows what is in store for them. My great-grandparents really started the tree, they would truly wonder, if they could see all the changes being achieved by all the tree branches. It still has a lot of growing to do. Every branch on our tree brings more blessings.

Maybe in years to come one of the family will write up the latest branches, with births etc. Have a wonderful life. I love all of you.

Mom, Grandma, Great-Grandma Letty
January 21, 2008
I'll give a try identifying the various nationalities she mentions.

Egyptian, I have no idea. An aunt lived in Egypt for a time but was not Egyptian.
American, that's my husband and me too now.
Canadian, Letty herself, her siblings, and my three daughters and two grandsons.
British, my grandparents and my father. I was born there too.
German, my first husband; therefore my children have German blood in them.
Jewish, I have no idea. 
Spanish/Ecuador, Melinda's husband and her two children have South American blood.

Letty would have loved ancestry.com
From left: Ann (daughter,) Melinda (granddaughter,) Riel (great grandson,) Letty

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