Wednesday, September 30, 2015

My View #108 - World War I Songs

After the First World War a lot of war songs emerged and I remember the words and music of two of them. Motion pictures did too, the first show I ever saw was called "The Singing Fol," with Al Jolson as the main actor. The main son was "Sonny Boy," I don't remember the story at all, only the song. I was about 11 years old. The second show, I was 14 at the time, was a war story about a nurse who loved a soldier, her name was Colleen Moore. Mrs. Yeo, who took me, was a returned Registered Nurse who had served all through the 1st World War, she was reminiscing, a nice, nice lady. This show was called "Lilac Time," so was the main song. A beautiful story.  Here are the two song, which I still sing sometimes:

Climb upon my knee, sonny boy,
Though you're only three, sonny boy,
You have no way of showing,
You have no way of knowing,
What you mean to me, sonny boy.

When there are grey skies
I don't mind the grey skies,
You make them blue, sonny boy.
Friends may forsake me,
Let them all forsake me,
You will be true, sonny boy.

You came from heaven,
And I know your worth,
You made a heaven for me,
Right here on earth.
When I'm old and grey, dear,
Promise you won't stray, dear,
 I love you so, Sonny Boy.

Lilacs in bloom, rarest perfume,
Tells me winter has ended.
Springtime dear soon will be here,
When all our heartache has ended.
Closed in my arms' fond embraces,
Once more in life's happy places.

Jeanine, I dream of lilac time,
Your eyes they beam, in lilac time.
Your winning smile, and cheeks blushing like a rose,
Yet all the while you sigh, and nobody knows.
Jeanine, my queen of lilac time,
When I return I'll make you mine,
For you love I, our love dream will never die,
Jeanine, my queen of Lilac Time.

January 30, 2008

Didn't Letty have the most phenomenal memory for songs? The links in the titles take you to YouTube performances of these songs, and Mom's recall of the words is almost perfect. 

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