Wednesday, September 2, 2015

My View #87 - The Sea Salt, "Bib and Tucker," and "Horehound"

The sea is full of Salt,
Salt, the earth's purifier.
Sea-salt is very different
From the Table Salt we require.
But the Salt in the sea
Restores the quality within,
Where fish, mammals, turtles, live and swim.
Their own special empire
Of freedom, beauty, desire.
We watch and look with envy
At these wonders, through a glass,
A partition in a "sea-world,"
They watch the human mass,
With sardonic glances, as they pass,
And go about the "job, of pleasing man.

This gift, we are given, from God.

Letty Evans
September 16, 2007


Bib: (1) Your best clothes you have to wear, to go out visiting. (2) An apron-like cloth, tied under a child's chin, at meals.
Tucker: A detachable collar of muslin, mostly worn by women.

It is said in the 17th and 18th centuries "tucked" clothes were the style for men and women. Poor beggars, what a lot of ironing it must have created. Wool and cotton were mostly worn by people then. Our loose clothing and variety of materials today would have shocked those people. Here is another definition of the term.

Horehound plant

This was a bitter juice extracted from the leaves, stem and flower of the Mint family, used in medicines and candy. This candy was a very hard twisted stick, 6 inches long, greenish grey in colour. It was used for sore throats and colds, when I was a child. You broke it, sucked a piece and you felt a lot better.
Horehound candy sticks

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