Thursday, September 3, 2015

My View #88 - Time Goes By So Fast

I was asked why.

We all remark as we get older that time seems to go faster. No it doesn't - we get slower.

When we are forty, we fly around the house at a fast easy speed, like we were teenagers. We just couldn't slow down, teens to raise, jobs to do, dancing, racing or paddling, we didn't stop or even think of slowing down.

Now at sixty, our children away, let the shopping and dusting go for three instead of two days, I have to rest a bit over a cup of tea. Sometimes this little rest - oh! I must have fallen asleep for a few minutes. Meanwhile the clock on the mantle says 5:30, oh dear, where did the time go? But time and tide wait for no-one, not even me. So get up and make a meal. Be happy.

Now its time to size up the 80s, what a change that brings, time is limited for me to be of much use. It is a very different period in life, time has got me by the tail and I"m dragging my feet and objecting to being pushed and "hurry-upped," so to speak. So just go ahead and do your thing and we will meet at the coffee shop - but not Starbucks, they are too rich for me, but the coffee there is OK. This is the sweetest time, to me, my family all "growed-up" like Topsy, phone calls and letters are my treasures, and I know I am loved by all my family. There was time for all these things, clocks can tick, tick, tick, we get tired, but that is the way I lived my life in my 80s.

Now the 90s have me in their clutches (by the dictionary it means to snatch or seize - one more word for you to learn.) Well, now how fast am I moving? At a very slow level, as I go about my day. It can be very boring at times, not much to do, or want to do. You do have time to think, about things and jobs, people and the serious shape our very beautiful world is in. Sometimes you wish you could not remember many sad things. This passes, another happy time remembered takes its place, and time of beauty returns. Your family is your life, old friends have died, new friends made, you find a lot of happiness and time still ticks away, without missing a beat, like a strong brave heart.

Life is rarely boring, there is so very much to do for other people. Time will tell. At 94+ I think it will be better. God bless us all. Mom xxx

Time flies
Man dies
Enemies fight
Friends unite
Let us.

September 18, 2007

 Letty was indeed the superwoman she describes in her forties. My observation of her in her nineties was that she became increasingly isolated and her life became very dull. She lived alone after my father died in 1996, and was unable to drive, so she was dependent on others to visit her and/or take her out. Studies have shown that lack of socialization contributes heavily to depression and dementia in seniors; yet she resisted moving to an assisted living facility until it was too late. It was a lesson to me, to ensure I live somewhere with others, no matter my age.

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