Saturday, September 5, 2015

My View #89 - Toolshop

When we lived on Third Street, my Dad had a shop at the bottom of the garden. He was a carpenter and loved wood and all the tools that went with that hobby. He earned his living as a postal clerk, carpentry was a hobby.

From eight years old I could be found in the shop; I was Dad's helper as the two boys, aged six and four, were too little at that time. I had a good time and learned an awful lot about different woods: quality, grain, drying , and from what area or country, and how to cut to advantage. It's an education. Same with tools. I learned what they were for and how to use them and look after them, a few I do mention here: a "spoke shave," "block planing," "reading" threads on nuts and bolts, treating saws properly, types of nails etc., also how to mend and putty glass in windows.
A spokeshave is used to smooth spokes of chairs.

Block planing creates a smooth surface from multiple strips or blocks of wood glued together.
I didn't know I would remember all this kind of stuff at this age. Enough for now, where were no electrical tools in those days. A "brace and bit" and a "yankee Drill" were interesting. When Dad sharpened saws, I didn't stay put, terrible noise. You always "measure twice and cut once," same as in dress-making.
A brace and bit. This tool was replaced by the electric drill; drill bits go in the lower left part.
A lot of joy came out of that shop, though, especially at Christmas-time, wonderful toys. My mother planted sweet peas in front of the big shop window, rather pretty.

Much love,
September 24, 2007

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