Sunday, September 6, 2015

My View #90 - Corsets? Bah!

Who invented corsets? I bet it was a man, one who saw or bought a china figurine and wanted all women to look like that wasp-waisted figurine. He was a menace to adult females. A 19 inch waist was the fashion of those long-ago years, now we let it all go by the board. Whale-bone "stays" were used in corsets then, and the tighter laced the better; how unhealthy and uncomfortable! How revolting!!
1898, woman wearing a corset
From reading Wikipedia, corsets actually date back as far as ancient Greece, and have gone through many iterations since. I agree with Letty, thank heavens they are gone. Many articles have been written about the negative health effects of corsets. 

Now freedom, whoopee! A bra and a girdle did the job, for now and for years to come, with no problem. So now you smart ladies, change things again, and go along in slacks or shorts. The prize goes to you, for rebelling over those long years, you have won. As for me, I am stuck in the panty-hose era.

Ironically, while corsets are now limited to costume design and sexual fetishists, women today torture their feet in stiletto heels. It seems we have exchanged one form of body torture in the name of fashion, for another.

Any comments? I thought this issue might make you smile.

October 3, 2007

No wonder there was a shortage of whales years ago.

A corset has stays made of plastic, whalebone, ivory, or metal. A girdle has elastic only, no stays. When I was in high school, all girls wore a girdle. How else were we to keep our nylons up? However I recall having severe cramps after each day wearing a girdle while sitting at a desk in class. When pantyhose appeared, I thankfully threw the girdle away. Now I wear no hose at all, except for special occasions.

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