Friday, September 11, 2015

My View #91 - Flowers

Flowers are like the people who give them, "Just beautiful." The first flowers we pick and give to a person, as we learn to walk and talk, usually are wild daisies and dandelions, "sweet bouquets."

We plant flowers, raise flowers, collect seeds of flowers to plant again next year, to raise more blooms. It is a habit forming culture and the results are beautiful, colourful and a great benefit to all. Some flowers we enjoy more than others, so our hearts tell us what to plant this year. Every flower gets a chance but the ones we love most appear year after year, like "old faithfuls" and sort of identify us, like pansies, sweet-peas and tulips. My garden mainly is a spring garden.

Some flowers we identify with painful times in our lives, like lilies, geraniums and roses. But these also appear in our gardens and remind us of someone we loved and lost.

I was "given love" today, a pot of very bright yellow mums, for Thanksgiving, by a wonderful friend. Every plant has its flowers, even the lowly potato and onion. We need flowers for the honey, we need honey for our toast at breakfast, so it is a beautiful cycle for all of us. Let's plant some flowers.

Bye-bye for now.

October 5, 2007

Flowers can make us cry, or laugh, with merriment.

When I was a child, my parents had a huge vegetable garden for purely practical reasons, but it was her flower garden that Letty loved best of all. Whenever friends came to the house in summer, she'd ask them, "would you like to see my garden?" And they always said yes.

My father had bad memories of geraniums, probably to do with the deaths of his parents when he was a young child,  and he asked Letty to never plant them.

After I moved to the United States, and was unable to visit Letty for Christmas, Easter, Mother's Day and her Birthday, I always ordered a bright bouquet for her. I'm glad she enjoyed them so much.

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