Sunday, September 13, 2015

My View #93 - The Violin

My favourite musical instrument is the violin. Next in line, piano and flute, were very much involved in my life, we were a very musically involved family. We all loved to sing.

A violin is made of ebony wood, strings and pegs, wood, mostly made in Italy many years ago. When I was ten years old my Father handed me his violin and said, "Here, Let, hold this, like this, and hold the bow too." I did as he said, and I said, "Oh, Dad! Can I learn to play it? Oh please, Dad," and he said, "If we can find a teacher." I was so happy, and soon Paul Knapper, a Russian, was my teacher. I loved it. My Dad was a good player.

It is very hard on everyone's ears to listen to violin students practice, poor Mom. Me, and two years later, Eddie was learning too, 3 violins in one family, also Mary on piano and Charlie on flute. Ow, heck, I bet we nearly drove her bonkers. Poor Mom, she had the patience of a saint, my lovely Mom.

The world famous Fritz Kreisler was my hero, when I heard "Rosemarie," a wonderful, elusive, spine-tingling piece of music, played by him. I heard it recently on the radio and my feelings were the same, "all goosebumps."

The last time I played a violin was in Ilford at Jack and Blanche's house, near London, England, in 1945.


October 8, 2007

Letty kept her childhood violin for many years, and had it repaired for the visit of another violinist, then sixteen-year old Jane Gregory from Huddersfield. Jane pronounced it "definitely not a Stradivarius," but we had fun listening to her anyway. A few years later, Mom sold the violin to a music shop.

Her and my father's love of music was evident in my childhood home, too. My brother and I both took piano lessons and we both still sing.

Sadly we have no photos of Letty with her violin.

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