Tuesday, September 15, 2015

My View #95 - Planet in Peril?

No, I don't think so. Humans talking. If humans can't fix it, who will? What conceit. Yes, of course, there are too many people, not enough food for 3/4 of the people, while the other 1/4 are too well fed. The earth will do its own thing, in its own time, from good to bad and to good, like it has done for all the many and many years of time. We want problems instantly fixed, right now, earth takes its own time to find a suitable cure, for occasional trouble, in its stride. If creating warmer climate is necessary, it will happen, doing much for needed repair somewhere on earth, that we know nothing about. All things have a good side and a bad side, so be prepared for some sort of change, though it may not happen for hundreds of years. Science people today, some of them, we hear, talk as if it will happen this Christmas. Whoa! Hold on there, God isn't that mad at us yet, but a warning cannot be ignored. Go populate the earth, but take it easy. Too many people on my land.

This is just my opinion, just to cheer you up, we can't do a thing that will help much, but enjoy your day. Only love lasts.

Happy Hallowe'en!

October 31, 2007

PS: I'm just glad no man can control the weather, never can and never will. Let's hope.

For the record, I disagree completely with Mom here; global warming is here and it is mostly caused by humans, and if we don't do something very soon on an international level, I shudder to think what the planet will be like in 100 years. In the eight years since she wrote this, evidence has piled up monumentally high. 

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