Saturday, October 3, 2015

My View #111 - Sadness

Some Hard Thinking

I wander tonight, through the old memories that time has inflicted on me. They seem so long ago, but their clarity is superb, clear and distinct, one on top of another, year upon year, and now I am so alone. Yes, my family keep in close touch and love me, but something now is missing and I can't get it back. Sometimes the tears flow unbidden, for things that have gone, never to return. That's the way it is tonight, I feel so alone emotionally, but I'll be OK tomorrow, after a good night's sleep.

Bob came, we went out and had a pleasant supper, bought some groceries and posted a children's book to little Riel, my great-grandson. That was my evening. Bob left and Chuck phoned and we visited by phone, and now I"m off to bed.

Another one of our "Guild" ladies died today, Jean Dixon, a lovely little lady. Maybe this is why I feel so alone today. A few days ago she broke one of her hips, took pneumonia, and died today.

Tomorrow, I hope, is better.

February 8, 2008

From time to time, Letty shared with me her feelings of sadness and feeling "so damned useless." She outlived all of her contemporaries, both family and friends, and Jean Dixon was younger. In a category of her own there was no company. 

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