Monday, October 5, 2015

My View #112 - Quiet

Isn't it nice to be quiet? So much of life is taken up with noise, accompanying every hour. Children are generally in the midst of lots of noise. When they are asleep they look like peaceful angels, but when they're awake it's a different matter.

Adults are very different, they start the day off with a quiet cup of tea or coffee, and relax for a few minutes. It is so quiet and peaceful, this is their best moment of the day, before 7 a.m. Then it is time to wake the children, shattered, and the quiet ensues no more.

Now I'm very old, all the young ones are gone. I could do with a bit of noise and racket, not too much, mind you, but some. Then at night when all is still, any visitors who came earlier are gone and peace reigns, I feel satisfied and can relax and rejuvenate.

Where I live, weekends are very quiet, it is nice up to a point. On Sundays one of my very favourite friends comes after church. We talk, exchange news an opinions, and do enjoy our ritual of a good cup of tea.

I write sometimes of years gone by, it fills in a quiet weekend and makes me realize how lucky I am, and look forward to another quiet weekend and Carol and our cup of tea.

February 12, 2008

Of course the tea is "Tetleys." Please smile!

Letty's life when she was raising her children (me) was so different from a modern mother's life! What mother today has time for a quiet cup of tea or coffee before waking the children? It's eat this, gulp that, be sure you have your homework, and out the door to school or daycare on Mom's way to work. 

Although Letty's post emphasizes the positives of quiet, a careful read suggests it was not always welcome, and she told me many times she was lonely or bored, but thankful for the friends who continued to visit her.

What is quiet? Who experiences it in this noise-addicted world? Blessed to live in a quiet neighborhood, my husband and I enjoy breakfast outdoors, listening only to bird chatter, and the gentle flutter of leaves in the breeze. More on this on my own blog.

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