Tuesday, October 6, 2015

My View #117 - Did You Ever Faint?

Well, I did, several times in my life. It is a very horrible feeling that tells you, "Honey, you are going to fall," and before you say this in your mind, you are unconscious and down. Dazed for a few moments, you lie there, wondering "What has happened?" then try to get up, as you are rarely hurt in a faint, however on stairs it could be deadly. What causes most faints is a big drop in blood pressure. It is a scary business. Of course other things can cause it too.

The first time I fainted was when my dear Mother was in hospital, dying. I put my hand on her red, swollen leg, and fainted. The shock was too much. I didn't remember a thing. Mrs. Nicholson put me to bed at her house, in the 'Hat, and next day took me back home.

The second time was in Calgary, in church, in the choir. I ended up in ICU at Foothills Hospital, in 1960. They said I had a heart problem, it had been going on a while. When I went home I had to rest an hour every day, and I still do. The third time was a few days later, at home, so I had to rest more and quit working at dressmaking.

The fourth time was in Duncan, BC. I got up to pee at 3 a.m. and ended up in the bathtub, my legs hanging over the side of the tub. I told myself, "You got in here, now you have to get out." I did, and went back to bed. In the morning I thought it was a dream, but I went to see Dr. swan and he treated me and said I had a bruise on my arm, and my meds were reduced at once. He was concerned about my blood pressure he said.

Then one Sunday, Carol was to come, so I put the kettle on and went to unlock the front door, but I felt a bit strange so I shut the kettle off, went to the door, and passed out. My legs just melted away. I lay on the floor from 9:15 to 11:15. When Carol came I had crawled to the kitchen so I could answer the phone/open the gate for her. We soon got an ambulance and I was in Cowichan District Hospital. I forget what year this was.

Now I'll tell about my last faint, in Save-On-Foods, with Corrie, my friend. We used to go shopping together and when finished one of us sat and waited for the other. As I didn't feel too well, I sat and waited for Corrie. When she was ready she headed to her car. I tried to keep up, but as I nearly reached her car, I fainted dead away for a minute or two, so embarrassing. Anyhow, a clerk got an ambulance and for the last, the very last time I hope, I got help. It is hard to understand, but high blood pressure has been a problem most of my life. When I had my babies it was a problem. Now I hope I don't do these things again.

Just a bit of my life.

April 5, 2008

I don't recall the first two events Mom describes, but I recall the others quite well, although I was not with her any of these times. Mom was living alone, and when she lay on the floor for two hours, unable to get up, she had a Lifeline device around her neck that was supposed to be for just such a contingency; however it did not work. I was steaming, and insisted she get some free months from the company as a nod at compensation. Mom says people are seldom injured in faints, but that is not true. She could have been badly injured any of these times, and the fact that she couldn't get up again the last two faints, was one of the reasons I desperately wanted her moved to Assisted Living, where she would not be alone. Alas, that never happened.

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