Wednesday, October 7, 2015

My View #118 - Packing it All In

Anyone who has ever packed a case or trunk, for a short or long journey, will know what I mean. What to pack for a short trip, a few days, or a week, or a long, long, trip? We always take too much and wonder, "Why did I bring all this?" It is a question very often asked and not answered.

Years ago one person, no matter where they went, usually took one or two suitcases, as they were called, and these were very heavy to carry. You got so tired before your trip, realizing how heavy a case got, you left things out and as you had a weight to carry, you stopped to think and some of the extras were taken out too and only the necessary items were to be "re-packed in" and taken.
Immigrants carrying suitcases of leather and wicker. Note how heavy the load seems of the young girl in the center .

There were not any suitcases made years ago that had wheels on the bottom, they were carried and had to be light. Now with wheels on them, so we can just pull them (much easier,) they carry much heavier loads and we take along as much as we can, "Packing it in." It must annoy the train, ship and plane people, who handle them and their wheels. I just bet there is a great deal of swearing going on over these very heavy loads. Mom wrote this before the airlines started charging for bags, which has drastically reduced the amount of luggage casual flyers take. As for ships, mostly cruises, one takes as much as one can, including formal wear.

Ladies often had hat boxes. I had one and took it to England when I was a War Bride. All women wore hats in those days, even to go grocery shopping, as well as to Church. The world today is so different in many ways. You can see how women had to change and adapt over the years. Some of the things were great, others not.

April 14, 2008

Now I'm a "Thoroughly Modern Millie." Now I, too, have wheels, nut not the energy to pull them. My oh my, change is an ongoing condition we all adapt to. Have a good day.

The phrase "packing it in" has other connotations: giving up or quitting.

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