Tuesday, October 13, 2015

My View #124 - Loneliness

Today I'm feeling a bit lost and alone, a horrid feeling it is. Bob works nights and has to sleep most of the days, while working. Yesterday I was at the Ladies' Guild meeting, an old, old lady, feeling out of it. I don't belong anymore feeling... I've missed a couple of meetings and felt isolated. I guess time is taking its toll on me and a few other old members. I'm no help to them anymore, so I may just say "adieu" and not go anymore.
A more cheerful day in 2008: Letty's 95th birthday. Back row: David Mills, Granddaughter Michelle, Son-in-Law Art, Carol Mills. Front row: Bob Evans (son) , Letty, Ann Griffin (daughter)

Three weeks ago Philip and Colleen made final arrangements and have gone to live in PEI. (Prince Edward Island, off Canada's east coast.) They both were very good friends since 1991. I miss her chatter and help, and now they're so far away, and my cat Zoe with them. I wish them only good luck.

All my old chums are gone, only two I am in touch with, Jan McKenzie and Ann Sawatsky. Most of my friends now are much younger, and very important and I love to see them and hear from them. Alex McCubbin is 94 this year, a very dear friend of Ron and me, in White Rock. All my family are very, very good to me and keep in touch. They are my whole reason for living, Carol and David in my family too. At the moment those two are in Kelowna on holiday, and I miss them so much.

I've just written down my tired thoughts this morning. I t will probably bore anyone who reads this, but I had to write it to relieve my feeling of defeat. Don't worry, another day will bring laughter.

I love all of you.

June 18, 2008

How sad to read of Letty's loneliness and depression. I called her at least weekly and wrote her letters, too, but that's not the same as being there. (I lived about a seven hour drive from her.) She was so desperate for company, she began calling some friends multiple times each day, to the point where they had to tell her to stop. So many seniors living alone experience this. If you know of an old person living alone, won't you stop by and say hello today?

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