Saturday, October 17, 2015

My View #126 - Hat Pins

Many, many years ago women didn't cut their hair. It was considered their "crowning glory," (a quote from the Bible,) and who would dare to put scissors to it? So most women braided or twisted it, or piled it up on top and out of the way. In those years, also, it was the custom to always wear a hat, many of them perched on top of hair, "Oh dear, my hat just fell off..." So hat pins came on the scene, and hats stayed in place. Hat pins!!!

I remember the four pins my mother used. They were steel, all nine inches long, dark gray, sharp as any pin, but had beautiful knobs on the other end. One had a Scots thistle flower, one a silver walnut, one a tiny bird, the fourth one a ladybug. Along with a couple of old hats we played with, we played and learned a lot at the same time, how it used to be. I still have one white kid glove my father wore when married. Only wish I had one of those hat pins now.

Love to you all.
August 8, 2008

PS: Those hat pins went out of style in the 1920s, they were also a lady's only weapon sometimes. Wow!

Here's a great blog post on hat pins, the length of which was legally limited at one time.

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