Saturday, October 24, 2015

My View #134 - Water

You can't take it for granted. I love water, drink it, use it wisely and cherish it. In some countries there is not much water at all, other countries have plenty, while some countries waste it every day.

Every home should have a Water Meter. We did in Medicine Hat and Calgary, save water or pay more. Good idea.
Diagram of the movement of water on land, air and sea. US Government drawing.

November 2008

If only Letty could see the extent of the drought in California now! Her simple yet wise words ring so true.

Her comments about water meters arise from the time when we lived in Bowness. When we used our well for all our water, we were never short, unlike some less fortunate neighbours. Later, the City of Calgary annexed Bowness and brought in sewer and water, allowing most residents to abandon their wells and septic tanks. We were one of the first families to get hooked up to the city water, along with our new water meter, so Letty had to remind guests not to let the tap run unnecessarily.

Now, conserving water, while not yet an obsession outside California, is on everyone's mind.

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