Monday, October 26, 2015

My View #135 - The Cutting Edge

When I was a child, after we had a bath, Dad lined us up on the kitchen table and we got our toenails cut.  When our two tykes were little, I did this job. So we made a game of it and we said, "Your toes are like cooks, with white hats, and on Sunday night we have to chop off their hats. Then they can go to bed and sleep."

Each time we lopped off a white hat we cheered, and the kids thought that was fun. When Linda lost a big toenail, we didn't do it anymore. One of life's moments we don't forget. Making a game of it, made the job easier on all of us.

Love from
Mom xxx
November 21, 2008

I remember losing that toenail. I tripped over a toy with a sharp piece of metal inside, and it ripped off my toenail in a flash. My parents had no car, so even though I was six years old, she put me in the old stroller and took me on the bus to the doctor's office. He removed what was left of the nail, me screaming the entire time. It took about three months for the toenail to grow back. That was the most painful accident I experienced in childhood.

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