Thursday, October 29, 2015

My View #136 and 137 - Snow Storm in December

It started on a Saturday, a light dusting of snow, most folks went to bed not a-dreaming of the white world, in the morning, they would know. Most slept a peaceful sleep, in blankets woolly and warm, hoping by breakfast time next day the snow would be gone.

We had warnings from the weather man, unheeded by many, it is true, and so much snow, now the meter needs a lot more pennies too. Hours later, much, much more snow, heavy, wild, windy and pretty, our world dressed in magic style, and snowflakes dance to "Mother Nature's Music," keeps going all the while.

Some neighbours out early, shoveling, hoping to clear a path, waster their time. It's exercise, but they didn't do the math. We, thank God, do not control the weather. All this thick coat of white replenishes every seed, bone and feather, nature's rejuvenation of yer earth. Still it brings pleasure to the world, for man and best. All love to roll in it, play in it, and earn their living with it, so even to people who find it a disaster, others love it and live for and from it. To everything in life there is a good side and a bad side. There is something so good in every day. I am one of the lucky ones, on the inside, looking out at beauty.
Ann in 1996 after a massive snowstorm that shut down Vancouver Island for six days.

Love from Mom
December 13th, 2008

And a week later, another storm hits...

Sunday, December 21st. We had a warning of two days of snow, wind and clogged roads. A nice present for Christmas-time, it looks beautiful, but BC is not a very well equipped province for heavy snow.

Yesterday, all day long, dozens of birds, so anxious for food, crowded my back deck. They are so smart and can tell anyone who will notice, when a storm is coming. Do they go by smell, hearing, or do they feel it under the ground and their feet? An interesting idea, not practical. I love birds, and watch seagulls come inland for the same reason.

Late afternoon and it's still snowing. Bah! I am tired of it. All of Canada seems to be having a hard time with cold. This is typical of prairie winters, every different here. Roll on spring-time, I welcome you.

I just had to write this today. Hi dears.

Those of us familiar with snow enjoy its beauty, but tire of the inconvenience it causes. The storm from the photo shut down all of Vancouver Island while my father was dying in hospital. The first day Letty was able to get to the hospital to see him, he died within an hour of her arrival. I and my daughters had just succeeded in digging ourselves out, and Melinda had returned to Toronto when we got the call.

Many readers of this blog live in places where there is no snow. I hope you have a chance to experience it some day. My husband and I are avid skiers, but no-one I've ever met enjoys shoveling snow.

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