Friday, October 23, 2015

My Views # 132 and 133 - Forgiveness and Sharing Pain


According to the dictionary: "To give up all claim or plan to punish or exact penalty for an offence."

I have, over my life, done this many, many times, and was the beneficiary. Strange but true. It is very hard sometimes, but well worth it. You can smile again, at everyone you meet. So nice.

November 20, 2008

Sharing Pain

Pain is a word we use to describe many things and situations, unrelated to the real meaning of the word, "discomfort," "agony," and "dying." We all have to deal with it, some more than others, but it hits everyone at times.

I have been helped many times by someone, over bouts of pain. Always full of gratitude, and have helped many myself, by being there to help a person, to share some of the burden of pain Just to talk, laugh, sing, pray and hold them. Life is beautiful until we experience this in life. When and what you share helps you in times of need. You have to give before you get.

Love from Mom xxx
November, 2008

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