Thursday, November 5, 2015

My View #142 - The Police

I have always respected the Police, no matter where I have lived or visited. They have a very strict, hard job to do, and very helpful and respectful, in any interview I have had to have with them. Only once, a female officer showed her ugly side to me, after a mistake in office recordings. Apart from her, my respect for this branch of public safety is still very good. I like to know and live near Police officers, and feel safe. Thanks to all of you and patent (sic) to all.

F.L. Evans
January 19, 2009

As a woman of European ancestry who lived a law-abiding life, Letty had little reason to have any other opinion. She was sheltered from the world of poverty, gangs, dysfunctional justice systems, bigotry, and other social problems that beset entire countries, and parts of developed nations where the 21st century has not yet penetrated the minds, laws, or hearts of some citizens and their police. I don't want to detract from my mother's writings, and my own limited experience with police officers has also been professional and uneventful. 

But I empathize with minorities, and other disadvantaged groups such as women in countries like Afghanistan or Pakistan, who may be unfairly targeted by police officers. These people are afraid of the police. 

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