Saturday, November 7, 2015

My View #144 - The English Language?

The English Language is the common denominator for most countries of the world. How they use and speak it is another matter (and wonder.) To speak it properly is a real treat for a keen listener. Some people speak a second language, and some a third, and some can converse in multi languages. These talkers fascinate me, a born Canadian, and I only speak English. What stopped me being bilingual? Shortage of teachers at school? Latin and French were optional subjects to take, but classes were small. I enjoyed learning Latin but didn't keep it up. Too bad.

Some things that bug me in speech are:

Toronto  -  "Tronna"
I  -  "me"
going  -  "gonna"
yes  -  "yeah" "yup"
water  -  "wadder"
rout  -  to dig or chase
route  -  a specified direction (often pronounced as "rout" instead of "root. In the USA don't know the difference.)

The alphabet is all vowels and consonants, hard sounds and soft sounds.
For example: A vowel followed by a consonant and a vowel, use the hard sound, like "baby" or "hose."
A vowel followed by 2 consonants and a vowel, use the soft sound - like "babby" or "chose."

Did you learn anything? Have fun.

January 2009

It's unfortunate that Letty lacked the opportunity for more education. Many of her so-called facts are incorrect or incomplete, but she was driven to use whatever knowledge she had, and share it. Her statement that English is the common denominator language may offend some readers. It was her opinion, and not mine.

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