Sunday, November 8, 2015

My View #145 - Just Me

Each morning when I awake,
I open my eyes, look at the sky,
Surprised, I am here for another day,
And say, "Thank you God."

Every night, when prayers are said,
I settle thankfully into bed, unknowing
What tomorrow will bring,
None of us know what our lot will be, by dawn.

My children who love me, my special care,
Realize the changes, of age, that occur.
I no longer can do, as I used to do,
Now it doesn't bother me, just give in,
Accept every gift of help, with a smile, a kiss,
Be grateful, you are blessed with family and friend.

And this is where this episode ends,
"Mom" to such a lovely "Crew."

All my love and gratitude to all folks I love so much.

It's bedtime. - Goodnight.

Letty Evans
February 3, 2009

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