Monday, November 9, 2015

My View #146a - Carry the Flame

It would have been fun, to carry "the Flame,"
To share in all the hoopla, that goes with Olympic fame.
To hear people cheering, laughing, happy, brave.
To share a moment in history, for a Canadian maid,
Or young man, on a journey of hope and joy.
I am 95 1/2 years right now, Canadian born and bred,
A sports woman all my life, and right to the end.
So come on kids, or oldsters, do your best,
Make me proud, so those who carry the Flame
Will always look back and say, "we helped them win."
I wish I had been there. To carry it,
50 feet, no more, as I walk with a cane.

Good luck to all the young at heart,
and victories galore.

F.L. Evans
February 20, 2009

Letty is talking about the heroic Olympic Torch Relay held all across Canada in the year leading up to the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, BC. Here are some facts and photos from the event.
The longest Olympic Torch Relay in history, it covered 45,000 km in Canada and 2160 in Greece.

There were 12,000 Torchbearers in Canada, and 560 in Greece. The Torch passed within a 1 hour drive of over 90% of the Canadian population, including Vancouver Island where Letty lived.

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