Friday, November 13, 2015

My View #149 - Rivers

Rivers are neat things. If we didn't have rivers, we wouldn't have so many other things that are interesting to us. The mighty South Saskatchewan River flowed right through the middle of Medicine Hat. A very heavy run-off in June was scary. We could see it from our house and we had a big respect for it, especially in flood time, in June each year. After many years, the Province decided to put dams on it and as years went by the Ghost Dam, Seebe Dam, and Bears Paw Dam cut the flood trouble and provided power for industry in and around Medicine Hat. These dams are all on the Bow River, upstream of Calgary.
South Saskatchewan River through Medicine Hat, Alberta
In Huddersfield, Yorkshire, where we lived for 9 years, the River Colne was nearby, a dirty, small river that carried away waster from woolen mills. Every time we went to town we crossed it. After the War, a 1000 lb. bomb was found sunk in it and had to be got rid of, great excitement, no injuries. The Thames River is a wide placid river and very, very busy.
River Colne - - 324944" by Stanley Walker. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Commons. Letty would be amazed to see how clean this river is now.
In Calgary, where we lived for 27 years, were the Bow, the Elbow, and Fish Creek, all rushing through the town, and in June, again, floods occurred at times.
The Bow River in summer, near Banff, Alberta

The Bow River in Calgary Alberta during the floods of 2013.
On Vancouver Island, where I live now, we have a small creek on the property, Bens (sic.; should be Holmes) Creek. The Cowichan River, nearby, is a lovely river, very popular with everyone. So that is my bit about rivers I have known."
The lovely Cowichan River near Duncan, BC, Canada

Letty Evans
March 4, 2009

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