Tuesday, November 17, 2015

My View #152 - Dreams

We all have dreams of doing something in our lives, that only we will be proud of and try our best to achieve. Sometimes these come true, surprising us in ways we did not expect. Sometimes we never get close to our dreams, but other things get in the way, disappointment is the result and we have to accept this.

"We live in hope, if we die in despair." Someone wrote that phrase, how true it is I don't know, but to me the despair didn't come until I was in my nineties. I always wanted to visit Holland and New Zealand, don't laugh, and to be an R.N. (registered nurse)

Otherwise my life has been very eventful, busy, happy and comfortable. So those wild dreams don't matter at all now, just dreams of long years agol

Have a good day, and dream on. Yours might come true. A program on Channel 4 set me off on this track today. I hope it made you smile.

April 18, 2009

I could not find the quote, and believe it is not accurate, since it makes no sense. Possibly it was, "we live in hope but we die in despair." One of Letty's final dreams was to return to Medicine Hat, the town of her birth. At her advanced age, travel was no longer recommended or possible, so she did not go. 

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