Monday, November 23, 2015

My View #156 - Fear

Fear is a destructive quantity in anyone's life, and we all have it in some degree or other. How we deal with this unwanted thing is up to each person. Fear and worry go hand-in-hand, fear striking first and then the worry.

We only have two weapons to fight this menace, Hope and Prayer, always strong in the human. We can help others better than we can help our own self, and to me it seems strange. Maybe there is something missing in my mind, where all thoughts occur, but I'l deal with that later. My opinions don't mean anything to anyone else, but fear can make you ill if you don't deal with it. My own way is, "what is to be, will be, all this is in God's hands, then pray." So I do.

Give it a try, it might help.

Letty Evans
May 2009

Although Letty's life was in danger when she travelled to England during WW2, at no other time in her life, of which I am aware, did she face such a dangerous, fear-inducing situation.  I believe she is writing about more intimate fears, such as her fear of falling, fear of being useless, fear of being alone. Her solutions of hope and prayer were her weapons, but less effective for her than she claims.

Today's high levels of fear, even paranoia, from the threat of terrorist attacks around the world, require action to eliminate the root causes of terrorism. Prayer, certainly. Hope without action, however, is useless.

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