Sunday, November 22, 2015

My View #159 - Prairie Love

I love the prairie, open, free and boundless, with skies so blue and clear. For over fifty-seven years I lived the life of a prairie woman. My Grandma, my oldest sister, my parents, two brothers and wives of both, all lie there under Prairie skies. So lucky. The Prairie puts its brand on you after long years, and you yearn to go back and revisit off and on. Now I am too old to travel from Vancouver Island, where Ron and I moved to, for his health. He is gone and lies in "Mountain View," my sister, Mary Tinkler, near him. Some day I will join them, out here where the sunny skies of Alberta give way to cloudy skies of B.C.
Prairie Grasslands

But we all know where each one lies, and remember how life used to be. When you look back you realize how far apart are all the family tree folks, of how many miles we are apart, yet all of us remembered and loved, and are happy with this knowledge and where each one of them lies.

Today I am feeling a bit better. So many memories.

Mom xxxxx
1st day of summer, 2009

Letty spent thirty years in Medicine Hat, where she was born, and then upon her return from England, twenty-seven years in Calgary. She enjoyed the year-round sunshine of the prairies so much, but the cold winters rather than Ron's health, plus my move to Vancouver Island in 1979, were what drew them to the west coast.

Letty went through increasing periods of melancholy, wanting to return to Medicine Hat. In this post she realizes she does not have the health for such a journey, even by air, but in the last year of her life, no longer in complete possession of her faculties, it became an unfortunate obsession. Her last trip to Alberta was to see her sister, Mary, shortly before Mary died in the 1980s.

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