Saturday, December 26, 2015

Goodbye, Mom

Dear Mom,

All your "view" and family history writings are out in the world for anyone with an internet connection to see. Can you believe that 8731 times, people have looked at your writings? (And over the years, more will follow, I am sure.) Congratulations, Mom! You would be so proud that people from countries as different as China and Ghana, Russia and the United Arab Emirates, Germany and Venezuela, have seen your posts. I don't know any of these people, but I thank them for honouring you with their time and attention.

You have spoken very clearly for yourself, and now, it is my turn to speak about you.

Me, Melinda (granddaughter,) Riel (great grandson,) Letty 2007
You were a wonderful mother to young children. You had such love, such empathy, and a strong sense of fun, although you were strict, too, and didn't let me get away with much. When I had my own children, you loved being a grandmother, and my daughters loved their time with you: the cookies, the candies in the blue candy jar, the shopping trips, the stories - what child could have asked for more? They all loved you so much.

You were courageous, through the trip to England during wartime, living in a very substandard home when we returned to Canada, coping with your many illnesses and injuries over the years, and caring for Dad through his declining years.

What got you through many tough situations was your incredible stubbornness. It worked for you many times, but worked against you too, because you were so ruled by your emotions that no-one could budge you from a position once you had taken it. 

I admired your creativity. Your poetry and all your writings reveal an artistic soul that, had it been nurtured with more education, might have bloomed into far more than you imagined. I and your granddaughters, having inherited your love of the written word, continue to honour you in our own writings.

Of the sad things that passed between us, or at least between me and your deteriorating self in the last two years of your life, I will say no more, except that I forgive you, and ask you to forgive me.

Mom, I love you. I believe we will be reunited one day when it is my turn to "slip this mortal coil." Goodbye, my dear.

Linda Ann

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