Tuesday, December 1, 2015

My View #166 - A Party

What a happy time we all had yesterday afternoon, August 12th, with all my family here, except the new bride-groom, John. Tuesday was very quiet for me, but Wednesday was lovely. Art, Linda, Bob, Rachel, Michelle, Edgar, Melinda, Riel & Santiago, cake, flowers, cameras clicking, jolly laughter, baby eyes bright and squeals of the two year old's delightful energy.

Letty and her granddaughter, Michelle Deines
I was just so happy. We talked, laughed, sang songs, had beautiful tasting birthday cake, white and green flowers on the table, everyone enjoying each other's company. My Michelle brought her wedding dress and put it on, she and I had a picture taken together in the garden. What a gorgeous dress, magenta color. How I wished John was here too, also Chuck and Jan.

Then the time of parting came, as it always does, with hugs, squeezes and kisses and goodbyes, and they left me and Bob at 3:30 to catch the ferry. Bob and I did up the dishes, and then he left. That was when I sat and cried, for my lovely family, who came from Toronto, Seattle, Vancouver, Victoria and Chemainus, to honor John and Michelle and me. What memories I have now, to record. God bless all of you, from the very young to the very old.

Thank you all. I love you.

Grandma Letty
August 13, 2009

The event was three days after John and Michelle's wedding - Michelle is my middle daughter; her new husband, John, had to work so did not come with us. Letty was not well enough to travel to Vancouver for the event, so we took the day and went to her. We celebrated her 96th birthday at the same time, fifteen days early. This was the only time she met her youngest grandchild, Santiago, who was a five-month old baby, and the last time she saw granddaughter Melinda, her husband Edgar, and their oldest child, Riel. This was an emotional post for me to read.

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