Wednesday, December 2, 2015

My View #167 - When the Juice (Electricity) Goes Off

It is very quiet. No phones ringing, no TV and everything is still. Today at about 5 pm, is when it happened, and now, at 6 pm, no sound on any line.

Now at 8:30 it is working, for five minutes, not overnight. A fuse box blew, behind P.M.(sic) house and at 10:10 am today, workmen are still trying to fix it. Neighbors very helpful.

Twenty-seven hours later, we had phone service again. A transformer had blown up behind house #30. What a noise and what a fiery mess. Now I know how lonely it feels to be without a phone, very old, alone, trapped. It could have been a disaster and I hope TELUS (the phone company) learns something from it.

Sorry if I missed your calls. Not my fault. Blame poor maintenance somewhere.

August 18, 2009

I was well aware of the dangers of Letty's isolation, and had begged her off and on for years to consider moving to an assisted living facility, where there would always be other people around. At moments like this, she saw her vulnerability in sharp relief, but never enough for her to make a move.

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