Thursday, December 3, 2015

My View #168 - Being Ninety-Six

One of the questions a young girl (teller) at Island Savings (Credit Union) asked, "Mrs. Evans, what does it really feel like to be nearly 100 years old?" I looked at her and grinned, and replied, "I only know, my childhood seems an awful long way off." I remember it very well, in my mind, and who I played with and went to school with. One phase of it, I liked school and learning.

First you love your husband and learn to copy with that (his death in 1996), a very hard situation to cope with sometimes, and you never forget.  Ron was the finest of men and gave me two beautiful children, Linda Ann and James Robert. Both of them are middle aged now, so you can tell how old I am. My body is not so great now, but my mind is very good and I am able to still write letters and enjoy letters that come my way, for how long I do not know. Carol Mills and her husband David are very good to me, in ways I never expected, and are more like family to me. I love them both and they are good, tough people, proved time and time again.
Ron and Letty in front of their Duncan home, 1991

I've written elsewhere of things I have lived through, happy, sad, good, bad. What is ahead for me, who knows, if only I have the courage to handle and pray, my big family will be kind to all old people, who need a little help and a kind word of encouragement, in their long journey. I have been so lucky in life and family. After many bumps in the road, you cope, and continue life's long journey.

My love to you all.

August 22, 2009

This is it. xxx

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