Wednesday, December 9, 2015

My View #174 - Umbrellas

Umbrellas are strange things, we can't do without them. They come in every style and color. Some are very pretty, some are for show, some are huge and some are so very large that you can have six people under them.

Men who live and work in rainy countries, like Britain, always carried a folded black one. Most women favor colored ones, strong or flimsy, no matter, filly ones at weddings are popular and look so nice. (I have never seen a frilly umbrella at a wedding, other than a parasol prop for the bridesmaids. Letty must be talking about a different era.)

As children we were fascinated when Mom showed us Grandpa Taylor's big black umbrella. It was black and had a spring-loaded button to press and, zoom, it opened with a swish that made us all jump. Mom told us it was called a bumbershoot, very different to the ones we have now. It also had a gold handle. I wonder where that umbrella ended up?
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