Wednesday, December 9, 2015

My View #175 - The Effect of Money

This post of Letty's is very timely, considering what is going on with the Republican Presidential nomination battle, and rich, arrogant, ignorant, Donald Trump. Letty knew nothing of him; the association is mine alone.

It starts with love of money, and ends up where it started from... Some people are born to it, handed down from a rich father. Others love money, it lures them and never stops.

Great wealth breeds power,
power breeds control,
control breeds contempt,
contempt breeds unhappiness,
unhappiness breeds strife,
strife breeds riots,
riots breed war
and war breeds loss of colntrol,
control of life, limb, and money,

then it all starts over again, about every 100 years.

Nov 5/09

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