Thursday, December 10, 2015

My View #176 - Tea

Tea is one of the staples of life, I believe. India and China are two of the largest supply countries in our world. There are various brands of tea. It is a refreshing drink in any weather, but a special comfort on a very cold day.

My mother was a devotee to tea, Dad and all her children enjoyed tea. Still today, at 96 years old, I love my cup of tea, it is my first drink any day. I have a very dear friend who visits me every Sunday after church, for a cup or two of tea. Carol Mills and I have had this routine for years now, and the teacups have been ready for a thousand cups, I can tell you. Carol is a tea granny like me, and I hope that never changes.

Coffee drinkers would shudder at this, I think. I like my tea. No matter if it is loose-leaf tea or in teabags (ground,) it tastes the same. Good!

November 17, 2009

My smallest teapot and a favourite mug
When I was growing up, our Saturday morning ritual involved my brother and I climbing into our parents' bed (their only day to sleep in; how they must have groaned when they heard us tiptoeing into their room.) Mom made tea, then brought it to the bedroom, where we enjoyed our tea in bed. At first, we children had watered-down, sugary, milky tea, but when we got a little older, I made the tea as strong as our parents'.

So I too, am a proud tea lover, to the extent that I purchase my tea in Canada when I can. The USA, not being a tea-drinking country, is a challenging place in which to find decent tea.

Mom's love of tea became a minor problem when she was over ninety-eight. She did not realize she was consuming over eight cups daily, and it was affecting her ability to sleep. I solved the problem by purchasing decaffeinated tea for her. That way, she drank as much as she wanted, but reduced her sleeping medication by half.

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