Tuesday, December 15, 2015

My View #186 - Changes

Death is so final. Another of our community died this week, Patricia Marley. Another house for sale. So many during the 18 years I've lived here: Marion, Jeff, Ester, Louie, Catharine, John, Lorraine, John, Ray, Ron, Yokey, Bill, Betty, Wes, Isobella, and 2 others.

I am very old, but manage to look after myself. I guess I am very lucky, so I just keep busy, knit for the church, write letters and family history.

I am out of yarn now. Bob is having blood again today, and will come for supper. That is all for today.

Letty lived in a community restricted to fifty and over, and slowly losing those people must be one of the most challenging aspects of that lifestyle. It's a big reason why my husband and I chose a community that includes all ages.

She knit cotton yard dishcloths by the hundreds, and they sold well at church bazaars. I wish I had kept a few more of them but all I had are now gone.

The reference to Bob having blood, is to his treatments for chronic Guillain-Barre syndrome.

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