Wednesday, December 16, 2015

My View #187 - The Factory

Years ago, when we first lived in Bowness, a vacant lot across the two roads, was a rough hilly place. Two years later, on a sunny day, men with measuring tapes were busy. We thought, oh, more homes to be built, good, but not so, a factory where doors and windows were to be manufactured. A Mr. Chris Firth, the man who was building it, told my husband one day, it is a small firm, very little smoke or noise, fine.

One man, a Mr. Dan Scott, who was the boss, and my husband talked, and seemed good friends, a very nice fellow. Dan and his wife had 6 children, after a few years, nice kids, four girls and two boys, ages between sixteen and three years, so their house was always a busy place.

One day, a few years had passed (this all happened fifty years ago,) Mrs. Scott shot herself and died. Oh my! Everyone was so shocked and sorry for all of them. Mr. Scott told my husband, and Ron said, "If we can help in any way, we will." Poor man, he came to me one day, asking could I babysit the two little ones, Julie (three,) and Penny (five,) I did, for many weeks, on Thursdays and Fridays, nice kids. They finally quit asking "why doesn't Momma come back?" I told them she was with God, in Heaven, he is looking after her, because she was very sick. The Penny said, "Will you be our Momma now, please?" I was touched, and shocked a bit, and said, "No dear, I am Mother to my children." About a year later, Mr. Scott married a widow lady, and things settled down and looked good for all. The Factory was a big busy place and did excellent wood work. So life returned to normal and I didn't see any of the children, so was happy for them all.

A few years later, I was looking out our front window, it was a Saturday and my husband was at home, I saw a wisp of smoke at the Factory and called Ron. He ran over and ran back and yelled, "Cal the Fire Department, it is burning inside!' They came just as an exploding roof fell in. My goodness, what a big fire, and what a lot of people all of a sudden. It burned for two days, and was called arson. Mr. Scott was nowhere to be found. Years later, a rumour was about that Mr. Scott took the funds, set the fire and disappeared to Switzerland. How true that was, no-one knew. Interesting to think about, but time will tell, it always does.

F.L. Evans
March 2010

Not real names in this true story of life in old Bowness, Alberta.

I remember vaguely the suicide of the mother, but I had left home at the time of the fire. The two children Mom babysat, I taught piano for a year. Neither were especially musically inclined, but anything I could do to give them some attention after the loss of their mother. I'm not sure I agree that time always tells. I wonder what happened to those children?

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