Friday, December 18, 2015

My View #190 - Oil?

Who said we had to find cause, to lay blame for the oil disaster on BP, or any particular persons? Everyone is so anxious to lay blame, because they don't think of what could be the cause, other than what the oil company has done.

One thing against us, we had no business, in the first place, drilling under water in the Earth's crusty core. This is God's terrain and it is partly covered with water to protect it, and to make homes for fish.

Get that through your thick skull first. The Haiti earthquake set this off, it is on the fault-line that runs north and south, all through South America, the Caribbean and North America, all that way. I am no scientist, but I read a lot and love to study maps, and I think oil drilling in the sea should be banned completely. These companies aren't content with drilling on land, so what is left is the beautiful, healthy ocean.

Then another very severe quake in Chile, and it made the whole world tremble, with volcanoes, floods, and severe storms. I think if we believe in God, he is giving us a warning: "Look after this world."

Let's hope everyone will.

Letty Evans
June 12, 2010

If only the oceans were still healthy.

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